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Joyful and Meaningful Education: Its Power and Limits

Session 4
Jill Davidson — Center for Artistry and Scholarship

Jill Davidson’s work in the world of progressive school reform runs deep, through sharing the work and eventually leading the Coalition of Essential Schools to her current position as Program Director at the Center for Artistry and Scholarship, where she works with Linda Nathan and an amazing network of educators to create schools where students and the adults who work with them think, create, make, do and play every day. The aims of this conversation are to: 1) hear from students, educators, and other school community members about the systems, policies, practices, culture, beliefs, and other elements that make their educational experiences valuable, joyful, and meaningful; 2) think together about whether — and if so, how — we can share what we know and do in our schools and other places for learning to help other learners and educators; and 3) what the limits of that sharing might or might not be. What’s possible? Is creating a challenging, equitable, resilient, and evolving school the goal, or are we thinking beyond the boundaries of our own learning community toward a wider network of influence. What do we know collectively about how that can happen?

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Written reflections, small group conversation, group document creation, sharing via social media.

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