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Right to Read: Literacy and Social Justice for All

Session 3
Jennifer L.M. Gunn — Hudson High School of Learning Technologies

When students get to high school, the expectation is that their literacy learning should be largely complete. But classroom teachers and school leaders know that this is very often not the case, and staggering national illiteracy statistics confirm that educators need to be doing more about literacy at the high school level. However, literacy products for adolescents are nearly nonexistent. Finding age-appropriate reading material for older struggling readers also presents a challenge. Hudson High School of Learning Technologies in New York City identified literacy challenges to be at the root of the struggles our students faced to be successful on tests, in their classes and in their communities. We felt it was an enormous disservice to send our students off with a high school diploma, unable to read at or above grade level. Right to Read looks to change all of that. The literacy crisis affects entire school communities and the lives of our students and their families — therefore, all teachers must serve as reading teachers — both in R2R and in their content-area classrooms. Two years in, reading assessment scores continue to improve year over year. Students are reading more books than ever, and students are utilizing literacy strategies in content-area classes. Come learn about how this this kind of systemic change and culturally responsive shift is possible and consider how to build a similar program in your own school!

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This session will be conversational, including small group conversations utilizing protocols, share-outs and group work time. I will include visuals, videos and opportunities for questioning and wonderings.

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Jennifer Gunn
Jennifer Gunn
Hudson High School of Learning Technologies


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