Barbara Bray

Barbara Bray

Rethinking Learning
Oakland, CA

About Me

I am a Creative Learning Strategist, author, speaker, writer, podcaster, and coach. I am on a mission to transform teaching and learning by putting the focus on the learner first not on tests or grades. It is time to move away from the status-quo and build a culture of learning. I facilitate the design of learner-centered environments, coaching programs, and personal professional learning opportunities. One way to do that is to use the design thinking process to build project-based learning activities that are relevant, meaningful, and involve real-world issues.

I also use design-thinking to discover the why of learning and am hosting a podcast series, Conversations on Learning, with awesome educators and changes agents. Listening to these amazing people, I am finding how important stories are and necessary to develop relationships and curiosity to want to learn more and for connections to others in the world. I am designing ways to support schools in creating a learning carousel in the form of a podcast, portfolios, video channel, or on social media to tell their stories.

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