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Preventing the Zombie Apocalypse: Engaging All Learners

Session 4
Gerald Aungst — School District of Cheltenham Township

Preventing a Zombie Apocalypse will be both the context of the session's activities and a metaphor for the understanding of student engagement. Engagement is not something which can be mandated or enforced; it is a result of the planning and design work of the teacher, and every aspect of the learning environment affects it. We’ll begin with an exploration of a classroom activity which could be adapted to any level. After some group processing of the task, we’ll have a whole group discussion of the educational “diseases” which create zombies in the classroom. Finally, we’ll design the cure by exploring four specific elements of the learning environment: classroom culture, physical space, teaching, and assessment. The designs will be compiled in a Google Doc to be shared and archived.

Conversational Practice

Participants will work in small groups to collaborate and share knowledge about engagement. At specific points during the session, we will have whole group sharing and discussion of the work done so far. I will also model specific techniques that enhance conversation and engagement such as the "Debate Team Carousel" and "Networking Session."

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Gerald Aungst
Gerald Aungst
Cheltenham School District


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