During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).

Between the World and Us

Session 4
Michael Clapper

This fall, the eleventh-grade community of room 504 read Ta-Nahesi Coates and Walt Whitman together. Then we thought about our descendants and the extended pieces of non-fiction we'd like to create for them. This session explores that process and highlights the results.

Empress of Everything --> Empress of THIS

Session 4
Wendy Galson withy a to be determined trainer from Responsive Classroom or a teacher who uses Responsive Classroom

Participants will view the documentary feature Empress of Everything: Messages from a Master Teacher (film made by retired SLA school psychologist Wendy Galson, and Greg Windle, SLA alum) about the last year in a primary school in the home of Denise Dee Haines. Empress of Everything provides the opportunity to watch a master teacher in a richly resourced setting, (as EduCon participants did on Friday!) very different from settings many of us work in. Although her power comes from "the whole package" of her school, watching her work can lead to very specific inspirations.

Next Generation Presentation Skills: Rapid Prototyping and other techniques to help our students become competent.

Session 4
Kathleen Walsh

Our students are becoming adults in a world that demands that they have Next Generation skills. How do we prepare them? It doesn't matter what subject you teach. We need to get our students ready with presentation skills and collaboration skills for when students enter their careers and college. In this workshop all the teachers who have done this before got you covered. Let's go!

Promoting student civic action through a critical exploration of incarceration practices in the U.S.

Session 4
Rebecca Coven and Marina Isakowitz

For the third year in a row, Philadelphia students are hosting a public, city-wide Mass Incarceration Symposium. During a time when civics education is in a decline in our country, this work serves as a model for student civic action. Using this project as an example, we will discuss the importance of civics education and how educators can support student civic action.

Who Tells Your Story?

Session 4
Jill Davidson

In They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, Hanif Abdurraqib wrote, "The truth is, if we don't write our own stories, there is someone else waiting to do it for us." Is storytelling a necessary skill for educators? f so, how, where, when, and to whom do you tell your own teaching and learning story -- and how to you find ways to learn with and from others in your school and beyond?

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