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Whiteness: The elephant in our classroom

Session 4
Jose Vilson, Val Brown — Educolor

What are some common practices currently in place that make school environments exclusive, racist, oppressive, and biased? How do you create an environment where we move past the superficial work of diversity to the uncomfortable and more difficult work of inclusion and dismantling whiteness? Why is addressing and disrupting whiteness important in all school even those that are majority white in population? What are ways we can better do the work in our schools to create not only welcoming environments for both educators and students of color, but ultimately provide sufficient agency, care, and support that allows these individuals ample opportunity to succeed and thrive? Join this session where we will discuss and share tangible steps and ideas that should occur in all school spaces to dismantle the pervasiveness of whiteness which harms all students and teachers.

Conversational Practice

Our first goal will be to set the conversation norms that we will engage in challenging conversations, but our room is a space to learn grow and challenge status quo thinking and practices. We will engage those outside the room with a live tweet chat and field additional questions or share comments with those present. We also (with permission) will record parts of the session to share on the EduColor podcast.

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Shana White
Shana White
Constellations Center for Equity in Computing/Georgia Institute of Technology


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