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Next Generation Presentation Skills: Rapid Prototyping and other techniques to help our students become competent.

Session 4
Kathleen Walsh — Building 21 Philadelphia

Next Generation Skills such as Presentation Skills and collaboration skills are what is needed in the job market and college today. As a teacher in Philadelphia in a project-based, competency high school that is non-selective, I have discovered through tried and true experience some essential techniques that will enable teachers of any age, any subject and any students to set students up for success. I will launch the conversation and open it up to other practitioners for their ideas and experiences around this topic. This conversation is for teachers who have worked on this set of skills and want to share their ideas and learn more and those who wish to do so for the first time. We will share and discuss our examples and what we can learn from each other. This will generate ideas that can be utilized immediately in our classrooms for the next time or the first time.

Conversational Practice

The focus of our discussion will be how to design instruction that will build our students' competence in presenting in teams before an audience. This conversation is for teachers of any grade level and in any subject. A special part of the workshop could be from authentic feedback from Building 21 students who have been through the presentation process tried by this teacher and what they felt about it. We will use a circle format and listening and sharing protocol that supports listening and sharing so all voices are heard. So that teachers from further away may participate, we will use a google hangout to exchange information and network alongside the person-person conversation.

Presenter Profiles

Kathleen Walsh
Kathleen Walsh
Science Teacher at Building 21 Philadephia ( non-selective Public High School) and Director of Youth Engineering and Science, inc. (an Educational Non-Profit Organization


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