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Make Clubs Cool Again: How do we engage students in after school activities?

Session 4
Rosie Morrison, Faheem Akbar (student), Jamira Fitchett (student), Jaylah Long (student) — Parkway Center City Middle College

The Backstory: At Parkway Center City, we just launched a new initiative—we took away Friday study hall and instead mandated that students join a club. These clubs are student and teacher driven—some are lead by students and facilitated by a teacher, some are the brainchild of a specific teacher. Anything from debate club to video game club. We wanted to give students the chance to connect beyond the classroom.

This is just one idea and we know it's not enough. We really want to hear what anyone and everyone else has to say! What are y'all doing to improve school community around students with diverse passions? How can we foster unity and excitement about our schools? Are there barriers we are ignoring? What can we do to adapt to the needs of our students?

Join a team of teachers and students from Parkway Center City to talk about what we can do to build the kind of school communities that foster growth, creativity, and unity!

Conversational Practice

The goal we have is to make space for an open dialog. We want to bring students to engage their voice but also hear from teachers from other schools. Ultimately, we would like to create a Coggle (https://coggle.it/) that can be viewed and added to by the whole group so when we return to our own schools, we have an extensive list of ideas to bring to help improve everyone's school community.

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