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Who Tells Your Story?

Session 4
Jill Davidson — Center for Artistry and Scholarship

Jill Davidson’s work in the world of progressive education runs deep, through creating ways for educators within the Coalition of Essential Schools to tell their stories (and eventually leading that network) to her current position as Program Director at the Center for Artistry and Scholarship, where she works with Linda Nathan and an emerging network of educators to create schools where students and the adults who work with them think, create, make, do and play every day. The aims of this conversation are to: 1) think about whether and how it's important for educators and students to document and share their teaching and learning stories; 2) share resources to find insightful, inspirational, and useful stories about teaching and learning that allow us to expand our practices and impact; and 3) imagine new ways to tell and share our stories.

Conversational Practice

Written reflections, small group conversation, group document creation, sharing via social media.

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Jill Davidson
Jill Davidson
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