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Making Space for Leadership (Your Own and Others')

Session 4
Laura Blankenship — The Baldwin School

Leaders aren't born; they're made. Leading takes practice, but anyone can lead from anywhere at any time. These are my core principles and I'd like to engage in conversation about how we all can become better leaders and support each other in developing our leadership capabilities and opportunities. What strengths do you already have and what do you need to develop and how will you do that? If you have an official leadership role, how can you help others grow as leaders? When can you turn your leadership over to another so that they can practice leading? What other opportunities exist within your organization for leadership practice? Come join a conversation to share your experiences and ideas and we can all learn and lead together.

Conversational Practice

Participants will explore what they think leadership means and what skills they think effective leaders have. We will then discuss how to develop those skills within existing roles. Participants will share ideas about how a school might develop more opportunities for leadership practice. We'll use a range of techniques to generate and share ideas.

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Laura Blankenship
Laura Blankenship
The Baldwin School


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