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Building Community Through the Advisory Model

Session 5
Stacy Schwab, William Griffin, Nicole Bourque, Kevin Kelly, Raymond Brettle, Denise Logan, Bethany Parker, Kelly McGrogan, student representatives — John Hancock Demonstration School LaBrum Campus

At LaBrum Middle School, we are three years into the implementation of an Advisory Model. Broadly defined, advisory programs are configurations in which an adult advisor meets regularly during the school day with a group of students to provide academic and social-emotional mentorship and support, to create personalization within the school, and to facilitate a small peer community of learners (Cushman, 1990; Galassi et al., 2004; Galassi et al., 1997; Juvonen et al., 2004; National Association of Secondary School Principals, 2006; Stevenson, 1998). We have personalized this concept and tailored it to fit our school community in an effort to live our mission of creating a "culture of care" in our school. Our model is constantly evolving and improving and we want to share our growth, struggles, and successes with other professionals interested in implementing an Advisory Model in their middle school to help foster community, connectedness, and student success. We will have a panel of students and staff members on hand to explain our model and field your questions.

Conversational Practice

Please join us for this informal discussion of what Advisory Model looks like through a practical lens. Listen to students and staff highlight the successes of our model and dig in with your own questions about the nuts and bolts of how Advisory Model could look in your school. Join our Google Classroom to stay connected once EduCon is over. We'll share resources through this platform and answer your questions as you role out an Advisory Model in your Middle School.

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Bill Griffin
Bill Griffin
John Hancock Demonstration Elementary School- General J. Harry LaBrum Campus


Jenna Chervenic

I really enjoyed your presentation and would like to get more information. Kim and I are presenting some of our takeaways from the weekend and looking at possibly visiting the school. Did you get the google classroom to work? Can some one email me at chervenicja@tasms.com?

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