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All Together Now: Designing Whole-Class Projects that Work

Session 3
John Kamal & Max Lawrence — Science Leadership Academy

Join a team of educators and students who are grappling with the joys and pitfalls of class-wide projects - projects where each student takes on a different role in achieving a common long-term goal. We will explore examples like modernizing an urban farm with a team of 24 engineers, designing and building a 16-foot Rube Goldberg Machine, and year-long projects with uncertain goals and outcomes.

Learn from your peers about the challenges, triumphs, and best practices when working on a single long-term objective with a roomful of energetic learners. What are the characteristics of projects that keep students engaged over many months? What kinds of structures and assessments are effective? You will talk with educators and their students in the middle of long-term projects, and share your own stories and practices.

Conversational Practice

This will be a highly interactive session where educators share their experiences and learn from each other.

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John Kamal
John Kamal
Science Leadership Academy


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