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Creating Learning Communities in 3-D: An Exploration of Life-long, Life-Wide, and Life-Deep Learning.

Session 3
David Jakes, Karina Ruiz — David Jakes Designs LLC, BRIC Architecture

This conversation explores a more capable and compelling three dimensional model of learning that supports the development of a new school learning experience that supports the manifestation of communities of participatory and engaged learners. Traditional thinking in schools relies on lifelong learning - a linear progression of learning over time, composed of formalized experiences (limited and occurring within the traditional experience of school) and informal learning events across that same timeline and throughout the lifespan. There are opportunities to rethink this model by adding breadth (life-wide learning) and depth (life-deep learning). Life-wide learning focuses on learning that positions students to engage in a wider range of experiential moments that broaden exposure to more authentic opportunities for learning. Life-deep learning focuses on developing the beliefs and skills of the human self, such as developing an empathetic approach to interactions with others, being reflective, and contributing to the greater good, among others. The intent of this conversation is to explore how these three dimensions for learning support the development of capacity-rich, participatory, and distinctly human communities of learning.

Conversational Practice

Our conversation with our colleagues will focus on the following questions:

Discussion: How do we define community - what are the characteristics of a learning community? Are our schools' communities of learners? How do we know? What is life-long, life-wide, life-deep learning?

Collaborative groups: What are the shifts required to realize life-long, life-wide, life-deep learning in the context of community building? Every group has one of the three elements. They share ideas.

Discussion: What is the expected Impact on the student experience and development of learner communities. What is required to realize such a model?

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