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Making Moves that Matter

Session 6
Noelle Kellich — Revolution School/ Uraban Affairs Coalition

Aligning our principles with our practice takes more than persistence. Finding the moves that matter emerges when we think systemically, support a culture of thinking, and hone responsive teaching practices. We'll use the forces of culture formation outlined by Ron Ritchart in "Creating Cultures of Thinking" to think in terms of big moves we can make in classrooms. Then we'll layer in decision journaling. This simple, yet powerful practice builds proficiency in problem-solving and will deepen your trust in your instincts as well as your personal and professional judgment.

Don't get stuck. Bring a challenge you wish you could solve. Work hard to name it clearly and concisely. We'll work together to consider how major levers and second-order thinking can open up unseen pathways forward.

Conversational Practice

We'll use a probing protocol to deepen thinking. Participants will leave with a decision journal, including a first entry completed during the session.

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