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Nurturing the Introvert: Supports to Help All Learners, Including Our Quiet Ones

Session 1
Christine Romano — Hackensack Public Schools

This session will explore the importance of cultivating relationships with all students, how to effectively do that (including rethinking classroom design), and how we can utilize tools like technology to make sure that the quiet we encounter isn't simply compliance. While we want all our students to use their voice, we also have to build up the desire for all learners to do so by fostering empowerment, encouraging learners, and using connectors, like parents, to help make sure that every student truly has a voice.

Conversational Practice

Participants will take part in the activities and use the technology that we want to use with our students. Talk mats/Think-Pair-Share, digital cork boards, turn and talk, talking circles, Seesaw, backchanneling, and various other tools that amplify student voice will be explored.

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