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Open Educational Resources: A moral imperative

Session 3
Andrew Marcinek — Worcester Academy

In the past year, teachers have risen to the stage to fight for equitable resources for students, livable wages, and respect within their profession. These problems persisted because the status quo was enabled. It's time to flip the status quo and turn towards a disruptive, uncomfortable model of equitable resources for every student and teacher no matter their zip code. This session will look deeper at Open Educational Resources and how their impact in schools can lead to a change in the equity and relevance of educational materials, reinvest in the teaching profession, and present an inclusive, equitable playing field for all learners in America.

Conversational Practice

  1. We will look at the problem sets that exist in education around teacher pay and equitable, relevant resources

  2. The conversation will be led by participants first in small groups and then as a larger contingent. A. How does your school or district ensure that educational materials are equitable, relevant, and inclusive? B. How are educators encouraged to lead these conversations in your respective school or district? C. How is student agency supported in providing relevant, equitable, and inclusive educational materials?

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