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Student Engagement: How to Generate a Buzz About Learning

Session 2
Amy Gorzynski — East Leyden HS

How do you increase student engagement? How do you make learning meaningful and memorable? In this session, we will answer these questions and more, while expanding on how we transformed the traditional school day into a dynamic, personalized and project-based learning experience for our freshmen.

We will outline our process for creating relevant projects, including the planning protocols we used to develop themes, write narratives and design interdisciplinary performance tasks. We will provide examples of student work and explain how our students demonstrated and showcased their learning through exhibition.

Conversational Practice

Through brainstorming and small/whole group discussions, we will collect and share ideas and tools for designing interdisciplinary, project-based learning experiences. Bring your wisdom, experience, and an open-mind, and walk out with ideas to implement in your classroom today!

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Elizabeth Wind
Elizabeth Wind


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