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The Future of Education: A students perspective

Session 1
Horace Ryans III, Taj Walter, Miranda Sosa, Tamir Harper — Horace Ryans III, Student at SLA CC, City Director Taj Walter, Student at SLA CC, Associate Miranda Sosa, Student at SLA CC, Associate Tamir Harper, Student at American University, Co-Founder

Diving into the varying teaching strategies and pedagogical practices of teachers, we will take a closer look at what education means to us, the students. Our goal is to have students and teachers share education experiences in and out of the classroom. With this conversation, we hope to provide a space where students and teachers can collectively envision the future of education. As a reflective piece of our session, we will prioritize key take away items that the attendees have said during the session. We ensure that this a learning, and reflective experience for all.

Conversational Practice

By asking these questions we plan to emphasize self-reflection during our session.

Awareness - What have you noticed about your practice in these areas? Insight - What insights emerged as a result of what you have learned? Goals - What would you like to achieve? Action - What are some strategies that you would like to implement? The post reflection will turn into a ending conversation.

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