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Voice, Choice & Multiple Learning Pathways: Professional Learning for the Modern Educator

Session 2
Michael Reichert, Amanda Matarese — Salesianum School

Invoking backwards design principles, the team promoted a professional learning plan that honored its stakeholders. Central to this plan is promoting educator voice, providing choice in content and delivery method and offering educators multiple learning pathways to hone their craft. Specifically, when designing this two year shift to creating modern professional learning experiences, the team examined relevant research, successful professional learning models and empowered educators to work in concert with administrators and coaches to craft the school’s shared vision for professional learning. By weaving together educational technology and pedagogically focused topics, the presenters advocated for a pedagogy first approach to integrating technology into the classroom.

Conversational Practice

In this session, attendees will have several opportunities where the presenters will encourage "turn and talk" with questions/topics similar to the following: 1. What are the desired characteristics of effective professional learning experiences? 2. Understanding current research supporting innovative professional learning models. Attendees will be given the opportunity to share what they are doing well, and discuss ineffective practices
3. Learning about several strategies for embedding educational technology training within professional learning 4. Attendees will share thoughts regarding to professional learning, and create a repository of successful professional learning experiences. 5. Upcoming professional learning opportunities for use in the 2019-20 school year.

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