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Forge The Route

Session 3
Jamie Bricker

Today's learners must be valued for their ability to think, far more than for their ability to remember. Sustainable learning is driven by active exploration, not simply passive exposure to new material. Students need to be encouraged to forge the route, not simply follow the rote! This conversation will focus on ensuring students' tasks are purposeful, personal and practical.

Participants will be introduced to the New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning - Richness, Relevance, and Return On Investment. Throughout our discussion, strategies and approaches will be shared to help ensure all of their students' tasks are purposeful, personal, and practical.

Conversational Practice

I will utilize an electronic Post-It platform to collect participants' questions and comments in real time, which will trigger further discussion on, and clarification of, specific points and key concepts. I also routinely embed a variety of "points to ponder" within my presentation, which also lead to ongoing interaction with the participants.

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Jamie Bricker
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