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Kids on Earth - The World Has Changed

Session 5
Howard Blumenthal — Kids on Earth, University of Pennsylvania
  1. Technology enables communication.
  2. Communication drives awareness.
  3. Awareness leads to beliefs, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
  4. In our era, technology also enables connection to people, places and ideas—in ways that were never possible before.
  5. We are raising the first generation of connected, relatively healthy and wealthy, mostly literate people—and we are providing technology so they can see, hear and interact with one another—in real time.
  6. This changes everything… how they learn, what they learn, why they learn, who they learn from, who they teach and how, the role of school and teachers.
  7. Or does it? I am traveling the world, talking to kids, asking them about their lives, their interests, their concerns, their plans. It’s called Kids on Earth… (explain…)
  8. Questions

Conversational Practice

Let’s define global citizenship together (even the United Nations isn’t completely sure). Let’s live brainstorm that together—then pay attention to students already recorded and to students we will record during EduCon because they are actively defining the concept everyday. All results shared on www.kidsonearth.org — some could be live streamed, too.

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