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Adjusting School Systems by Walking the Talk: Leadership and Reflective Dialogue with All Stakeholders

Session 2
Walter Brown, Kate Spence

In urban public schools committed to providing quality education to all students, school leaders and professional learning opportunities play a key role in advancing this goal. Principals, assistant principals, and school coaches support the development and implementation of social-justice oriented practices. This collaborative, interactive workshop will explore leadership and coaching practices that have contributed to the creation of a place where these practices could flourish.

Communities in Conversation

Session 2
Hilary Hamilton, Sarah Bower-Griceo, Sam Nelson, Jeffery Badillo, and to be determined students

How do learn from each other? What makes positive, productive collaboration? How do we help students to collaborate with each other? How do we authentically engage students in the past, present, and future of their communities? How do we as adults collaborate with our students to co-create curriculum/projects/classroom environments? How do school-based adults collaborate with each other? How might we collaborate across schools? In this session, we’ll use an in-progress partnership between Science Leadership Academy Middle School in Philadelphia, PA and Shelburne Community School in Shelburne, VT. This will work as a case study and a jumping off point to think about how we teach, learn and connect within and across communities, together.

Finding Motivation

Session 2
Diana Laufenberg; Zac Chase

Students often come to school out of compliance or expectation - and school often lacks attention to creating the conditions for intrinsic motivation to develop in learners. Join us to discuss the dynamics between compliance, engagement and motivation for learning.

Internet health in the classroom

Session 2
Chad Sansing

Internet health - what is it and why does it matter to teachers and students? Participants in this session will learn about the Internet health movement, visit Mozilla’s Internet Health Report (, and reverse engineer three online projects to brainstorm ideas for teaching Internet health in the classroom.

Not Light, But Fire

Do you understand WHY you should be leading powerful race conversations in class, but remain unsure about HOW? Join Matthew Kay, the author of Not Light, But Fire, as we discuss how to push our race conversations from being stale, predictable, and ultimately forgettable. We'll discuss how to lead race conversations that actually inspire our students.

Passion-Based Learning to Discover the Why for Learning

Session 2
Barbara Bray

Why do we have to change school and teaching? What is the why and purpose for learning? How does knowing the why impact students? In this session, participants will dive deep into authenticity, empathy, equity, self-regulation, and self-advocacy to discuss how to design meaningful, purpose-driven passion-based learning activities.

Social Justice Projects by 5th and 6th grade Students at Jubilee School

Session 2
Karen Falcon, Nick Gross, Julius Glover, Ade Forrest, Ella Adams, Hannah Roemer-Block, David Bannister

Over the years, students in fifth and sixth grades at Jubilee have organized many projects involving social justice and the arts. Three groups of graduates will present their projects; one involving learning to resist gun violence from veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, another through creating a book about the history of Haiti and the third through organizing a campaign against police brutality and applying for a historical marker for the MOVE bombing.

STREAM: Integrating Reading and Arts to STEM

Session 2
Dr Augusto Z Macalalag Jr

How can we effectively integrate reading, writing and the arts in STEM? In this session, we will explore ways to integrate the multiple disciplines while engaging in the engineering design process (ask, imagine, create, test, improve) of developing a model sail.

Student Engagement: How to Generate a Buzz About Learning

Session 2
Amy Gorzynski

Think back to high school...what do you remember? We all know it wasn’t that math worksheet about quadratic equations or an English quiz on grammar. So, what makes certain experiences in our lives more meaningful and memorable? Join teachers from Leyden High School, a public school just outside of Chicago, IL as we share our interdisciplinary model for teaching and explain how we created a richer learning environment for our students.

Voice, Choice & Multiple Learning Pathways: Professional Learning for the Modern Educator

Session 2
Michael Reichert, Amanda Matarese

Looking to change the culture of professional learning? Presenters will highlight best practices in professional development to promote growth in every teacher. This session will showcase the overall professional learning plan, as well as delve into successful professional learning experiences. Attendees will develop a repository of innovative professional learning resources.

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