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Empowering Empathy in Education

Session 3
Dani Shylit — Director of Innovation, String Theory Schools

How are teaching and learning transformed by prioritizing empathy? What actions empower this practice? Why does empathy in education matter? Now, more than ever, our schools need to be an anchor for empathy, understanding, social justice and human dignity. In this conversation, we will construct an actionable path to creating space for this important work in our classrooms.

In the first part of this conversation, we will individually mine multiple, short, curated experts texts on this topic and engage in a Socratic Seminar to construct deeper understanding through these questions. This process of inquiry will provide a safe space to ask questions and hone awareness of the research, resources, and ideas of experts in the field.

Then in small groups, we will use Empathy Mapping to apply this knowledge and reasoning to our authentic contexts. Practicing empathy in this concrete way will help participants see clearly the opportunities for empathy in their day-to-day practice, and what specific actions will catalyze empathy for themselves and their students.

Lastly, we will conclude with a dynamic debrief that fosters connections to facilitate ongoing professional conversations on this topic. We will create a community of empathy practitioners to empower opportunities for future collaboration, mutual support, and collective accountability.

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Dani Shylit
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