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Rigorous Whimsy: Critical Creativity in the Classroom

Session 3
Dan Ryder — Mt. Blue High School/ Maine RSU 9

We’ve the opportunity to turn our classrooms and impact areas into studios where students can transform whimsical ideas into purposeful action and meaningful products. And we don't need to wait until the end of a unit or the ranking period to allow students to use creativity to demonstrate their understanding. Formative assessments can be rich and powerful learning experiences, while remaining focused and succinct. Consider how might we choreograph a short story, remix a political party, sketchnote an equation, costume a scientific phenomenon, or hashtag a nutrition plan in the service of deeper learning? Let's discuss these ideas and more.

Conversational Practice

We will use Twitter and Instagram to push metaphorical representations of our ideas into the edusphere via #educon and #rigorouswhimsy hashtags, while also rapid fire prototyping the ideas established and adding documentation of those those prototypes to a FlipGrid grid. This will allow everyone to access these ideas after the conversation — while also bringing other voices into the conversation from outside EduCuon during the session and after.

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Dan Ryder
Dan Ryder
Mt Blue High School / Maine RSU 9


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