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STREAM: Integrating Reading and Arts to STEM

Session 2
Dr Augusto Z Macalalag Jr — Arcadia University

In this session, we will discuss and engage in a hands-on exploration of how to use books (or reading materials) to provide context for the engineering design process. As an example, participants will design sails that was adapted from the Engineering is Elementary: Catching the Wind (www.eie.org). This module introduces learners to the idea of force and motion by developing and testing wind related designs. Participants will gain an understanding of real-life engineering application through the story of William Kamkwamba of Malawi who saved his village by creating a windmill. They will write using the claim, evidence, explanation, and rebuttal framework as they test variables (i.e. area, material, and geometric shape) that influence the speed of sails, use data to develop their prototypes, and engage in problem solving to improve their designs. Participants will also have a chance to improve the aesthetic of the sails. Finally, there will be a discussion on ways to integrate reading, writing and the arts in STEM.

Conversational Practice

We will have discussion and hands-on explorations.

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