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What Does It Mean To Teach For Justice

Session 1
Val Brown — Teaching Tolerance

Based on the work of scholar Louise Derman-Sparks, Teaching Tolerance offers educators a road map for anti-bias education at every stage of K12 instruction. The standards are divided into four domains – Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action. Teachers around the country have shared that once introduced to the standards, it has breathed new life into their instruction.

One educator said, “The social justice standards will be transformative for my classroom and my practice. They provide an accessible way into issues I have been hesitant – and felt unqualified – to address.”

To begin, educators will develop a definition of what it means to teach for justice by examining the work of historical and contemporary educators and schools. Following that discussion, participants will have the opportunity deepen their understanding of the five standards in the Justice domain. As grade level groups, educators will be able to discuss key vocabulary, knowledge, and skills students would need to understand the standard. Educators will leave with resources they can immediately apply to their practice.

Conversational Practice

This session will include multiple paired, whole group, and small group discussions.

For instance, the session will open with a whole group discussion protocol, Block Party to engage participants with multiple short texts and hear from different participants.

In order to deepen understanding of the social justice standards, participants will work in pairs to collaboratively unpack the standard. Participants will continue collaborating by moving into larger groups, allowing them to discuss commonalities and differences across grade level.

Finally, participants will end with a chalk talk that will allow them to reflect on what it means to teach for justice and how the session will impact their classrooms.

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