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IQ+EQ+AQ = The Innovation Experience

Session 1
Bill Brennan, Phil Greco, Jessica Zanco — Farmingdale UFSD

We will begin with establishing a context for the need to rethink the learning experience for our students. We'll talk about journey development in getting to a formally structured course for students in Grades 3-6 and how this is the foundation for future academic programming and student experiences.

We are looking stimulate conversation and build on our work on the following course standards: Disposition Standards, Knowledge Standards, Curricula Standards and Skill Standards. The goal will be to help define them, determine effective measurement techniques and connect educators doing similar work.

Conversational Practice

There will be three conversational focus points. The first will involve building the context for rethinking the student experience (The Why). Group input will be critical to grounding us in this conversation. The second will be examining our conceptual framework (The What and How) related to student dispositions, knowledge standards and skills development in The Innovation Experience Finally, we’ll uncover the leadership journey and explore various metaphors and simplistic leadership models for leading and managing the change process (The How of Journey Development)

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