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MakerSpaces as HumanSpaces

Session 5
Dan Ryder — Mt Blue High School/Maine RSU 9

As our schools become places that increasingly serve more and more needs in our communities and our roles as educators become increasingly dynamic, it becomes that much more important for us to find ways to leverage our resources to meet more than a single purpose each. And when we look at MakerSpaces, the solution may rest right in their names. How might we transform what we have come to know as MakerSpaces into spaces that meet the social, emotional, physical and vocational needs of student, faculty and community as well? We'll discuss the various looks of makerspaces in our schools and action steps for amplifying their purpose. And when we leave, we will have game plans for each of us to evolve the makerspaces in our spheres of influence to stronger agencies for meaningful solutions.

Conversational Practice

During this session we will build out an organic digital sketchnote based on Ela Ben-Ur's Innovator's Compass framework; as participants' ideas populate the compass, connections will be made, ideas solidified, and as digital artifact it can be easily shared & used by participants well after our session ends.

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Dan Ryder
Dan Ryder
Mt Blue High School / Maine RSU 9


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