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The Role of Technology in Current and Emerging K-12 School Leadership Positions

Session 6
Dr. Casey Cohen, Dr. Margery Covello — Rose Tree Media School District, American Paradigm Schools, Apple Distinguished Educator

Part 1 (15 minutes): History - The discussion leaders will offer a brief history of the role of the technology director and address how formerly, the technology director was an “IT” leader who worked behind the scenes. The discussion leaders will share how with advances in technology and increases in technology integration, the role of the technology director is changing.

Part 2 (15 minutes): Stories - The discussion leaders will share their stories and explain how five years ago neither had significant experience with technology integration in a K-12 setting, but gained experience at an Apple Distinguished 1:1 iPad school. They are now using that experience in their new roles - as Chief of Staff of a charter school network and Director of Technology Innovation and STEM in a public school district. They will share how their knowledge of and experience with technology, innovation, instructional leadership, and student growth supports school improvement. Participants will share with a partner how they or a colleague is using their technology knowledge to propel school improvement.

Part 3: (40 minutes): Conversation - Participants will form groups. Each group will be given an outdated school leader job description. Groups will be asked to update the description to meet the present and future needs of schools, based on the what was previously shared in this session.

Part 4: (20 minutes): Share out - Groups will share the revised job description and will have an opportunity to reflect on take-aways and what can be taken back to everyone’s school communities.

Conversational Practice

Participants will have an opportunity to talk one on one in the beginning of the session (part 2). Participants will have an opportunity to work through a challenge with a group (part 3). Participants will have an opportunity to reflect as a group (part 4).

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